Marchioni Industrial Consulting

MIC is a consultancy office located in Brescia offering a 30 years wide experience in the metallurgic plant design sector for steel and non-ferrous, in particular for aluminium.

Our work covers a huge range of sectors starting from the basic lay-out of the foundry, through the start-up of the installations, until the test and the workmen training and organization.

In particular in the aluminium industry, MIC can study and optimise the whole secondary melting process, starting from the scrap until the management of the installations taking deep care at the Client’s needs.

In cooperation with the technical staff of the foundry, MIC can suggest the best solution both for the installation of new technology and the existing furnaces revamping.

 MIC services:

Process engineering;

- Melting and casting furnaces engineering;

- Refractory linings engineering;

- Study and analysis of the melting process;

- Optimization of the melting process;

- Stirring;

- Automation of the casting process.


A new way to think.

The optimization of the process involves a number of investments that will have an economic payback in terms of:

- Safety;

- Metal saving;

- Energy saving;

- Lower maintenance costs;

- Lower workmen employ.


This generates a new and unexpected changement in mind without whom it is not possible to compete with today market.

MIC Double Chamber Furnace

MIC Double Chamber Furnace - MIC

Our Double Chamber Furnace is the reply to the increasing need of a furnace that is able to efficiently melt every kind of scrap.


The plants realized are the result of 15 years experience on this kind of installations. 


The benefits of our furnace are:


- Low dross formation

- Melt loss < 3% (with dirty scrap)

- Pollution under control

- Smoke control during the charging opeartions

- Automatic process controls

- Low maintenance

- Low manpower

MIC cooperated at the build up of the first double chamber furnaces in Italy during the 90s. We also conceived and realized double chamber furnaces in team with our Customers or with the most important builders: 


- 160ton DCF with a melt-rate of 10-12 ton/h;

- 120ton DCF with a melt-rate of 9-10 ton/h;

- 100ton DCF with a melt-rate of 8 -9 ton/h; 

- 70ton DCF with a melt-rate of 7-8 ton/h;

- 60ton DCF with a melt-rate of 6-7 ton/h;

- 18ton DCF with a melt-rate of 2-3 ton/h.

- 14ton DCF with a melt-rate of 2 ton/h.

ABB Stirrer

ABB Stirrer - MIC

Our office has installed 50 stirrers ABB AL-EMS. The ABB (AL-EMS) stirrer generates a magnetic field which penetrates the carpentry and the refractory lining and acts directly on the metal bath by moving it.


The ABB stirrer have been designed to operate in the melting, alloying and refining stages of the aluminum melting and casting process. Mounted below or on the side of the furnace, the stirrers allow to reach a complete homogenisation of the temperature and chemical analysis of the alluminium bath, reducing the energy consumption and the dross formation.


Through the use of these machines it is possible to obtain a lower surface temperature of the bath.


As a result :

- The heat exchange between the bath and the furnace roof is optimized;

- Less dross formation;

- Less gas inclusions in the metal;

- The furnace energy consumption is reduced / the productivity increases;

- Reduced maintenance costs;

- Optimizes the charge and reduces the melt loss.

PRECIMETER level sensors

PRECIMETER level sensors - MIC

PRECIMETER is specialized in the production of sensors dedicated to the continuous measurement of the level of molten metals. Therefore they can ensure workers safety, measurement accuracy and life of the sensor.


Precimeter has many installations all over the world and can provide sensors and actuators for the automation of every type of casting machine:


- Casting machines: it's possible to fully automate casting machines. Consequently it is possible to achieve many advantages such as:

a) Workers safety (the workers act inside a room and not close to the casting machine);
b) By automating the start, the quality is not dependent on the operator skill and once the optimal parameters of casting are set, all castings are identical;
c) Having each casting equal to the previous gives the possibility to fine tune the casting parameters and further improve the quality;
d) For example, it is possible to work with a lower level of the metal in the die, resulting in a thinner cortical region, more quality and losses reduction in the following stages of the process;
e) It is possible to calculate the metal needed for a given ingot length and automatically control the furnace, the degasser and the casting machine so as to cast the exact quantity of metal necessary.

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- Laser ProH/ProLAD:

The Digital Camera Sensor Family ProH from Precimeter combines high performance laser triangulation with all the control functions you need to maintain an accurate molten metal level. The patented digital camera technology in the Precimeter sensors results in very high performance and accuracy. This enables the use of Laser Class II, which means that no special safety measures are required. The advanced technology makes possible to give stable readings even when the material reflectivity changes dramatically and in harsh conditions like steam and smoke. The built in PI controller eliminates the need of an external industrial controller. This reduces the system cost and set up time.

The advantages are:

• No safety measures required, no yearly eye examination, no laser officer required.
• Stable readings even in difficult environments.
• Laser class II approved
• Easy to install
• Compact design
• Metal Level Control systems adapted to our actuators and sensors are availiable.
• PC Software gives access to all sensor parameters.

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As an alternative to electrode scanning, Precimeter offers a purpose-built proximity probe to allow positioning of the exact operating point
of the spoon. 

The advantages are:
• No contact with the melt
• Less down time than electrodes
• No robot arm repairs
• No oxide adherence
• No corrosion
• Accurate approach of the point of reference

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 - CLP:

The submersible CLP from Precimeter is a high tech product. It works in the submerged condition with an appropriate protective tube at a melt temperature of over 800°C and can therefore also be used in closed systems without forced air cooling. The CLP is a system that directly registers the exact level in the molten metal through a protective tube. With an airtight adapter available from Precimeter the probes can also be used in closed systems with low pressure castings.

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- RP:

The ring probe was developed to measure the metal inside a ceramic riser tube in low-pressure casting systems. The ring probe is pushed over the tubing, so that the injection process can be started with rising metal from a preadjusted reference point.

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Refractories, combustion and automation

Refractories: our office has forty years of experience in the refractory linings design, with hundreds of linings realized and supervising in the laying itself. We can assist the client in choosing the products, in the study of heat loss, in the design of the lining and in the phase of laying and dry-out.

Together with partner companies, we can offer the study, design, construction, drying, lining or precast of refractory elements.



 Combustion: in the furnaces with particularly dirty charge, we choose oxygen burners, while with a charge gradually more clean we suggest air/oxygen burners, heat exchangers or regenerative burners.

The use of oxygen allows to reduce to four times the volume of the gases produced and makes it easier to control the internal atmosphere of the furnace.

Moreover, the use of flameless burners allows a high temperature homogeneity by optimizing the heat exchange and eliminating hot spots that lead to:
- Damage to the refractory lining;
- NOx formation;
- Increased oxidation of the metal.

Together with partner companies we can offer the revamping, optimization or the complete supply of combustion plants.




Thanks to the use of process analysers it is possible to control and adjust the combustion parameters in real time. That leads to optimize:
- Fuel consumption;
- Metal Yield;
- Emissions.

Together with partner companies we can offer the best analysers to control the melting process.



 Our furnaces are controlled by PCs that manage the operating parameters making possible the optimization of each phase and the setting of the various components. It 'also possible to collect and study the operating datas of the plant in order to optimize the performances.



Semi-automatic Charging and Skimming machines

Thanks to the automatic and semi-automatic charging and skimming machines, the charging can be automated by minimizing:
- Time with the furnace doors open;


- Risks for the furnaces workers.

We can offer flexible and modern machines possible to be used with your standard working vehicles, saving the cost of purchasing and maintaining dedicated machines.